Syracuse University Philosophy Women’s Group

The Women’s Group is comprised of the women, graduate students and faculty, in the philosophy department. The group has been meeting regularly since 2010 with the intention of promoting a hospitable and supportive climate for women in our department and establishing a strong community among women (graduate students and faculty members). The Women’s Group is committed to addressing gender issues in our department and in the discipline at large. We put on several regular events throughout the academic year. These are made possible through the support of the Syracuse Philosophy Department, which fully funds them.

The American Association of Mexican Philosophers

The American Association of American Philosophers is a group of Mexican philosophers based in the United States. We hold a conference every year to discuss our work, play soccer and get to know each other better. Anyone is welcome to join the group. You don’t have to be Mexican, and you don’t have to be based in the United States (though it does help to be a Mexicophile and have some tolerance for the sort of philosophy that is done in the English-speaking world). If you’d like to become a member, please email us at

Intro to M&E. Readings by Women Philosophers

List of readings by women philosophers particularly relevant to topics and debates commonly taught in introductory classes to epistemology and metaphysics.

Undergrad Level Classes. Readings by Women Philosophers

More general list of readings by women philosophers. It also includes readings in ethics, free will, political philosophy and several other areas.

Diversifying Syllabi

From the website, “A compilation of philosophical texts on a variety of topics, written by diverse practitioners. And appropriate for undergraduate courses. Tried and tested by the diversifying syllabi summer reading group at Georgetown University”

Best Practices for the Inclusive Philosophy Classroom

From the website, “The website offers methods for increasing inclusiveness in the classroom and for decreasing the effects of biases more generally. It includes the results of research about minority groups in philosophy. It also lists resources for teachers of philosophy who are committed to including in their syllabi readings about issues often overlooked in philosophy classrooms and readings written by philosophers belonging to groups that are typically under-represented in professional philosophy.”

Recurring Philosophy Conferences for Grad Students

The list includes approximate deadlines and other relevant information.

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